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Hi, how are you? Any progress on an update?

Looking real good! Looking forward to the Buildings & Places update!

This is some good stuff.

thanks! More stuff coming up in new update soon

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I was reading your licensing and I wanted to see if you can clarify the "Resell, repackage or redistribute the assets in original or modified form" line, specifically the redistribute part. Based on the first three lines, it seems to imply that modifications and redistributions with works utilizing them is fine, but the fourth line seems to contradict it.

My assumptions is that it's supposed to read something like this:

"Resell, repackage or redistribute the assets in original or modified form as a standalone work."

Does this fit the intent of that line?


Thanks! That is my intent so I rewrote it.

Awesome! Licenses can be a bit of a rough spot when you need to craft your own specific terms. CC tends to be a good avenue for most, but I don't think any work for this with your conditions (as it's either all or nothing in most cases).

I love the pack, just wanted to make sure the license is clear so I don't step on your toes!

Eu sou novo nesse mundo de criação de games, esse pacote é compatível com o RPG Maker MV?


Beautiful tileset.

These look great, but now we need some characters and monsters in a matching style!


Thanks! Well check the upcoming Updates!

I see you have animals, monsters, and heroes now! They look great!

Thanks! Hope you enjoy them!